Saturday, March 5, 2011

11 silly things I hate about being single.

-When I climb on my kitchen platform to reach the attic, no one to hand over the stuff to me.

-I can never order large pizza for me alone.

-No one to clean the fan and spider nets.

-Can not apply nail paint on my right hand.

-Not enough load in washing machine, I have to mix light and dark to reach the level.

-All the mess is created by me and without yelling at somebody else, I have to clean up.

-Never tested silent or vibrate feature in phone, it never rings.

-Shopping food for one is absolute excruciation, and force myself to eat everything before it goes off.

-No one to be afraid of telling about it, When I damage the car.

-Only one credit card to use.

-To tell a small story I have to make a STD call to my family and cite the story without any visual effect just the audio part over phone.


Close up:
"How big is the infinity ?"
"Where does the logic end ?"

Friday, March 4, 2011

The art of ageing.

My new niece is sixteen months old. I was babysitting her for a day while she tested my well-spoken physical energy in 24 hrs. When I handed over the little bundle of joy to her parents I had renamed her to "TERMINATOR". :-DWell, the point is that little girl left me thinking over process of growing adult. She had stumbling walks and rumbling talks. I was also sixteen months once and could have barely spoken or walked steadily. Now I run like horse and speak to kill. It was not her, it was time. Which I also lived years ago and living another time now. My little niece will go to school and college; she will also face the challenges of adolescence like how I did. She will have her own puzzles and answers like we all had as a part of growing up.Growing old is like climbing a mountain...taking each step towards top, each step towards raising above, sometimes enjoying the different views from the different heights, sometimes frightening too...But climbing each stair feels liberating.

Finally when we sit on the peak of the mountain we can view the entire landscape as whole... All the towns we got lost into once look so tiny and clear. Beginning, intersections and end of all the roads we traveled and thought "How I reached here? Where shall I turn next? Or will this ever end?" feel so enlightening and ridiculous together. May be we wonder from height "Hah that was so silly!" How nicely the lakes and rivers are placed? How beautiful the forests looked we were afraid of once? It was noisy on the surface, and so very calm on the crest. Wind is clear and senses are profound.In worldly terms for many of us as an adult there are still few challenges like professional and social ones, hoping that will get clearer as we keep climbing our mountains. I might bumble back but it will be something more meaningful above for sure. Future seems crystal clear in 76th year of life. ;-)

Spiritually speaking, in the amateur status of being, same jitters is experienced emotionally and mentally as small kid is restless round-the-clock. Mostly, Time gives the tricks to stabilize the jitters, if we could realize the truth as we grew spiritually. Like a hyperactive baby becalms in later years.Philosophically, Truth takes many forms, Truth is complex by nature. Sometimes we need myth to convey the truth. Its only for us being a part of the process that time exists. Life involves a process of realization, through the course of time. Life evolves over time. That is the reason of the existence, To understand and to resolve.
Close up:"If you truly want to be honest - SING."