Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Redefine - Research - Rebuild – 2009

On the eve of another new year…
Everything is good, beautiful, and clear. There are no worries, problems, or fears. People are good (From distance), Situations are supportive (if in my control) and thoughts (if chosen) are gracious. Whether I believe it or not only positive, happier and nicer things are awaiting in the coming year, indeed.

I am responsible for all my happiness and sorrow.
I will not allow anybody to show his or her madness at my life. If not external but inner world of my being is in my control. I will try to be at utmost peace and integrity at any give time.
I will gladly tolerate the fools (In my opinion) and will not criticize them or get irked.
I will laugh more often, crack funnier-cleverer jokes and will not look worried.
I already know I am way too mature and wise than last year :-D and look good too.
I will think between thoughts, read between lines and feel between feelings.

I will work smarter.
I will find three things that I can do to make myself irreplaceable.
I will find ways to get along better with my boss and colleagues.
I will evaluate my personal contribution to this organization.
I will develop four goals to help me grow and develop as a more achievement-oriented employee.
I will try to improve my relationship with at least one person with whom I do not get along.
I will join at least one company-wide task force or committee.

Entertainment, adventure, and travel:
Read at least 5 books and watch 10 movies.
I will complete 4 drawings. If time allows get the professional help with drawing to improve upon.
Visit the Archery academy to spend a day.
I will spend 2 days with paragliding and parasailing.
First half of the year -Kerala and Second, half of 2009 I want to go to Italy.
Once a week I will meet my friends.

I will show open – loud – clear to my family that I love them most on the earth on each opportunity.
I will drive responsibly. :)
Go to old age home twice this year.
I will plant at least 6 trees.

I will save the 65% of my earnings.
I will not do any emotional shopping and clear all the clutter from cupboards.
Shop in April and October (In prescribed limits).

Health & Fitness:
I will be running 10 Km at this year-end & should be able to do 3 sets of 30 reps of strength training.
I will take 10 days breaks after every 2 months and will not over do anything.
I will develop the stamina to swim the full length at the pool.
I will continue the yoga class and the mediation as it is going great now.
Maintain this weight and periodically clean my body (and heart and mind) from toxins if any.

Most importantly…I will allow myself to break all the rules, to be lazy, to be untidy and unintelligent sometimes :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderments of 2008.

This year has been a year of amazements, Where the world looked at me with surprise and I looked back with bigger surprise. Every amazement left me with a question…Questions of the Answers.

Is there any other side of the sky?
What exactly is being ‘practical’?
Is being ‘practical’ and ‘hypocrite’ are same?
Where do the dreams come from? Can we control the source and size of the dreams? If yes, How?
How to understand, why don’t we understand sometimes?
Why people use different measures for themselves and for others?
Does the long arc of moral universe, always bends towards justice?
Was there any truth and untruth before the earth came into existence?
Why do we educate our children? To think Clear & To see the Right? Or To flaunt the lofty degrees And earn big bucks?

Some trivial queries too:

If not tied…How can we prevent string from entangling?
What is the difference between technique and style?

Close up:
Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tips to get married - 100% guaranteed (Ofcourse for girls)

It's a wedding season...Girls don't delay.
-Do not be taller then 5’ 3” (if you are not planning for a Nigerian guy)
-Do not speak about what exactly you like, what exactly you think.
Say you like music and cooking. That’s it.
Think what you are asked to.
-Caveat: Don’t speak you like little deltoids on your shoulder when you wear sleeveless. Guys like Hema Malini and not Shilpa Shettyhee hee
-Listen to the guy carefully and match your opinion on anything or everything.
-A big NO-NO to swimming, it turns skin dark. Guys generally don’t go for the dark girl.
-If at all you are reading, Read Mills & Boons or Sidney Sheldon. You might prove your self boring & ridiculous if you say you read ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ or ‘Ghalib’.
- Pretend you can’t find the roads, and can’t handle electronics gadgets.
Guys like it if you ask them the map and how to use the handy cam.
-Never ever, reject the person in wildest of your dreams especially when he has said ‘yes’, with or without understanding you.
-Weigh more then 60 Kg. Irrespective of your height.
-Prepare for your favorite hero - heroine than your favorite car :-)... (He might not afford it.)
-Follow the latest fashion trends…whether you are akin or not. Nowadays many boys like fashionable girls more then the normal ones…
-Keep mum and just smile when all are talking, cracking jokes around you, quite girls are more likable.
-Despite of the person’s inability to understand your personality and your need (Just to assert your self-respect) to be productive and earning, Say that you are a family oriented person and would sacrifice ANYTHING to meet his family’s demand to serve them.
-As for a girl, she can agree with a person for marriage if,
1) He belongs to same cast and most importantly sub-cast.
2) He is not jobless.
3) He is not handicap.
4) And if HE HAS NO objection….girls are good to go….
Don’t bother where you know the person or thought about the up coming reality of live-in life together, Ditch the genuine decent feeling of “wanna get married to him”!
-Shut up and get out of the marriage game once you have crossed the age 30 for whatsoever reason.

Be Practical yar!

Friday, December 5, 2008

When Training Backfires: Hard Work that is Too Hard.

1 Km in 5 mins…?!?!
Road running is stopped.
Back hurts… Need to see the physiotherapist? NO.
The corner, Right knee …Pains. Thanks to Asics for safe ankles, probably.
Understand the importance of a breather…Howdoesitfeeltoreadthiswithoutanybreak?
Tough to interpret? Huh? No space in between…

Now read these lines with space, “It’s good to have a break in anything … be it a reading, writing, gym, work, and relationships, shopping, praying, playing, loving ...Or fighting”
Easy? Yeah?

Rest is as important as hard work.
No more grueling workouts for 10 days!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mumbai attacks -II

You know what? I hate to think this….
We great Indians, nothing can shake us. We will ignore these 200-500 citizens killing attacks every month. We will catch up again; we don’t mind these bouts of terrors because we believe in peace. We are so courageous and we are not affected by your brutal act, we keep smiling after loosing hundreds of innocent citizens every month …we are ‘Incredible India’ you see.
Because we are 1 billion in number you know…hey, dear Mr. Slayer …you can ofcourse kill some of us … we will again double in number, How nice we are….and one last thing look at the heights of our tolerance, we don’t over react like America and UK. I am really not bloody interested in sending any messages to terrorists...saying, see I am still alive or lighting the candles. That 2-year-old Israeli child doesn’t go out of my mind…When I see people standing with a board indicating “I am alive”… That is selfish…Add this to slogan, “You can try killing me next time…if not me you can surely manage to kill few others at least. Moreover, the mighty impervious Indian spirit goes on with innocent dead bodies on its shoulder”… What an amazing crap…
Its not about gun, bullets, militants, death tolls, it’s about self-respect. I don’t spare my dignity for morons to play with. How can anybody can barge into my house and just kill my people at their will?

I am neither interested in achieving any bravery medals, actually none of us, nor showing off my opulence to attract any belligerents. I just want to roar aloud and clear, No one dare to get into my house without my permission for whatever reason. Ever.

You know what?
All my anger will settle in with time…and some more terror attack and we will get depressed. Then some more attacks and we will get numb…and then we are nowhere to be attacked.

Life goes on Baby.
(Dear God! make me wrong please)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up in the sky.

2-3 days ago, Mumbai attacks got us all down…
However, there was a message up in the sky on monday…Moon called Jupiter and Venus to join him.
They created a beautiful smile and said “don’t worry guys everything will be alright”.
Captured by my S2IS.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How does it feel to think?

Do not worry about those who have come thru boats... Our forces can easily defeat them. WORRY about those who have come thru votes.... Those are our REAL ENEMIES….

What a shame and disgrace to every citizen of India that the elite NSG Force was transported into ordinary BEST buses, whereas our cricketers are transported into state of the art luxury buses, these Jawans lay down their lives to protect every Indian and these cricketers get paid even if they lose a match, we worship these cricketers and forget the martyrdom of these brave Jawans. The Jawans should be paid the salaries of the cricketers and the cricketers should be paid the salaries of the Jawans.

An ace shooter shoots and gets gold medal, govt gives 1cr, another shooter dies while shooting terrorist, govt gives 5 lakh? WHO DESERVES MORE? Huh.. This is our India....

-An email forward.